Other Services

Land Use and Planning Law — Land use regulations shape our city at the parcel, block, neighborhood, and community level.  The struggle between developers and the local community implicates strongly held conflicting values, and it can be hard in a dispute to keep a level head and look out for what is good for the community and people who live close enough to have to live with pollution, noise, and traffic.  Because of my dual Law and Urban Planning graduate degree I am ready to look at the big picture and put our development issues in a national context.

Cooperative Divorce — Don’t want to go there with your break-up?  Neither do I!  Cooperative divorce is a mentality toward divorce that keeps things cordial.  There is no expert in the world more likely to come up with a fair division of property than the property’s owners.  Attorneys practicing cooperative divorce work with their clients to reach reasonable compromises.  The practice results in lower attorney fees and litigation costs, less time spent going to court, and less conflict to add to a stressful situation  This style of divorce doesn’t work in every situation, but if you and the person you are legally married to just don’t quite work together it is the way to go.  Also, don’t assume you can’t afford help with the paperwork necessary to file for divorce. That paperwork that will take you hours (if you don’t procrastinate) will take an attorney a fraction of the time.

Expungements — Kentucky law allows criminal charge dismissals and acquittals more than 30 days old and misdemeanor convictions more than 5 years old to be expunged from a criminal record.  Legal Aid Society provides assistance with expungements through clinics and with other at-cost assistance, but if you are not eligible for their services or for any other reason want to go with a for-profit attorney I’m your guy.