Small Business

Legal services for businesses are mostly designed for large ones.  What about the rest of us?  As the owner of a small business (my law office!), former manager of a small cafe, and member of a community that is creatively entrepreneurial, I know what it is like to start and run a small business.  Working with small businesses is my favorite part of my job.  I love the odd jobs!  If you feel like the big firms are going to turn up their noses, you may be right.  Don’t let someone pull just any form out of their filing cabinet!  And whatever you do, do not pull some form of the internet, add a paragraph, and hope for the best.

Are you trying to pick the right contract off the internet?  Wishing you could get some help with for business formation papers?  Concerned you aren’t sending the right forms to the right government authorities?  Concerned about copyright and trademark law?  Worried about running into trouble when you raise money? Hazy on labor laws or other regulations?  It is understandable.  The law is versatile, but without careful planning smart people will sometimes find themselves shocked by how the law impacts their business.

Legal services are not as expensive as you are probably thinking, and in the long run it is better to better to talk to a lawyer in the beginning that at the end.  If you want legal help with your small business, please call me.  I like interesting businesses ideas and am thrilled to work with your creative vision instead of making you work with mine.